Hire more talent,

spend the same.

Leitschiff X optimizes job ad performance in real-time across the entire internet and delivers the best results for any recruiting budget.

  • Smartposting
  • Only pay for results
  • Works with every setup

Say goodbye to term contracts and post ‘n’ pray.
Hello, smartposting…
Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?
Smartposting instead of multiposting.

Smart recruiting across the entire internet

  • Automated postings where the best results are achieved. (Programmatic Job Advertising)
  • Unlimited job posting on job boards, aggregators, social media and search engines
  • Works with every ATS and set up
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Same budget, better results

We always deliver the best results for your ad budget by optimizing job ad performance across the entire web in real-time. This means: More applications and better candidates at the best price.

Purely performance based billing

Say goodbye to term contracts and fixed costs. Only pay for results, like clicks, applications or hires

Attract active & passive candidates

Reach candidates before they access any job board by smartposting ads on search engines and social media.

Get the most out of your budget,
without post ’n’ pray.

Budgets are always allocated where they deliver best results and adjusted in real-time if needed.

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Better results than posting directly on job boards.

Don’t post everywhere, but smart and only where the best results are generated.
The performance of every single platform may vary. Thats why we optimize every single job in real-time to ensure the best platform-mix possible.

Don’t waste budget anymore.

Some positions are harder to fill than others. With a flexible budget you can adapt to any situation. If there are already enough applications for one position, the remaining budget can be saved and used for lower performing jobs.

Better results and job board independent.

Which platform delivers the best results for your jobs? Does it differ according to companies, requirements or timing? With Leitschiff X you let performance decide and automatically post your jobs only where the best results are achieved. You are more independent and can be sure to always get the best possible performance.

Traditional job posting

Performance Job Marketing

Why do recruiting companies and employers work with Leitschiff X?


Always get the best results for your recruiting budget, no matter whether you have just a few or several 1000 vacancies to fill.

Your application process stays the same

Leitschiff X works with any system and set up. Your current processes remain untouched.

Ready to go

We can start right away – even without your IT being involved. You will see first results within a few days.

Flexible budgets

Budgets are based on your goals and can be readjusted at any time. Pay for results only.

Shorter Time-to-Hire

Data-driven performance optimization across the entire web. Job ads become more relevant and deliver the right candidate faster.

APIs to any job board

We set up custom integrations to traditional job boards like Stepstone or Monster to blend them in perfectly with your performance based marketing mix.

Ready to go, test without obligation